Kid Peligro on Gracie Combatives

December 8, 2010

Kid Peligro's Thoughts on Gracie Combatives

Recently Kid Peligro, one of the most respected authors and figures in the BJJ community, visited the Gracie Academy and had a chance to witness a Gracie Combatives class. He had some very interesting thoughts about what he saw.

"Recently I've been thinking a lot and having a tough time with the current state of BJJ. This problem for me started after the 2009 World Championships, at that time many of the finals lacked the excitement and the drama that normally finals would carry. I thought it was just an anomaly but the same or worse occurred in 2010, when some competitors, using modern techniques, ended up entangled for most of the matches without any action. These matches even drew comments from the normally quiet Japanese reporters as to "how boring the matches were." Of course this was not the case in every weight division and with every fighter; Roger Gracie and some other "Tops" were going for it in all their matches. But a fair number of finals, as I said were super boring.

Since then I've been thinking quite a bit about what is the reason why anyone would want to learn BJJ? If, as a new student, you had just watched what I'd watched at the Worlds, BJJ for you would be a set of sportive techniques that would not help you in a real life situation. And look, I am not against sport BJJ, but by the looks of things, we are getting more and more removed from the real reason the "arte suave" became so popular: Because it is one of the most effective ways for a regular person to defend him or herself against a stronger opponent!

And that brings me to my point; recently I visited the Gracie Academy in Torrance, California. In talking with Rener Gracie, grandson of the legend Grandmaster Helio Gracie, the subject of the focus of JJ came up and I brought up the experience of the Worlds. That is when Rener showed me their program called "Gracie Combatives." Gracie Combatives is a modernization of the core self-defense program taught at the original Gracie Academy in Rio. The idea of Gracie Combatives is to teach a "normal" person how to defend and survive a "real life" attack. Something that many of us fear, and the reason most people join a Martial Arts academy. In the Gracie Combatives course they address how to survive and defend the most common street aggression situations such as strikes, grabs and head-locks, both standing up and on the ground. The program not only shows