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What the World is Saying About Gracie University

April 19, 2009

In an attempt to make Gracie Jiu-Jitsu available to all to all those who are not fortunate enough to live near an accredited school, we launched on March 30, 2009. Since the site is still in its infancy, we rely heavily on student feedback to optimize the learning system and enhance the user experience. Here is some of the positive feedback we've gotten so far:

"I've been in martial arts for 25 years. It has been nearly impossible to train in Gracie Jiu-Jitsu due to my location. This program is genius and groundbreaking. Grand Master Helio Gracie would be proud!"
Lukas Kastner

"This is fantastic! I'm learning the techniques, asking questions, and testing for belt promotions from over a thousand miles away. I feel like I'm actually training at the Gracie Academy! In fact, the system is so good that I've been able to share the experience with my wife and two sons."
Jason Anderson

"I've done over two dozen seminars with some of the most accomplished martial artists in the world. The attention to detail and the passion for teaching are what make Ryron and Rener the best instructors I've ever come across."
Isaac Harris

"As a traditional martial artist, I was a firm believer that martial arts could never be learned through the Internet. Gracie University changed my mind."
Caesar Langley

"The Gracie Combatives course by Ryron and Rener is by far the best instructional video series I have ever seen. The smoothness of the instruction, and the fact that these techniques definitely work in real fights proves once and for all that Gracie Jiu-Jitsu is the best! Your Grandfather would be proud!!!"
Pat Hardy

"This is amazing. You guys have started a whole new revolution."